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Heavy Equipment Technician

Coming in 2023, but don't hesitate to join our waitlist today! Contact us to learn more and help us gauge demand for the program.

512 hours of combined classroom, hands-on labs, hands-on machine and online curriculum.

All classroom, lab, and hands-on activities will be assigned during our initial onboarding with information on how to access our online training campus and the expectations of completing online training in conjunction with the subjects being taught in the program. The online courses are available 24/7 and the subscription will be active during the total training period.

  • All class materials and student handouts will be made available electronically throughout the length of the program.

  • In addition, resources discussed and instructed will be documented and issued via thumb drive and printed materials.

Admission Requirements
  • All students must be minimum 18 years of age as this is a requirement to operate or work on heavy equipment

  • Must adhere to safety and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) policies set-forth by Carter Machinery's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) procedures, including the wearing of steel toe footwear, gloves, and protective eyewear.

  • Students are required to have a basic understanding of computers and are required to use them for diagnostics while performing hands-on lab exercises.

  • Students are required to have access outside of Carter Machinery to a computer and the internet to enable completion of the online courses associated with the certification class. This will also be used for school library resources.

  • Students are required to complete an enrollment application form and initial interview with a member of the school faculty prior to being accepted.

  • Students are required to pay 50% of tuition costs on successful registration and the remaining 50% seven days prior to the start of the program. If the program starts within seven days of enrollment, 100% tuition fees will be required.

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